E1: Recovering From Binge-Eating Disorder While Becoming Competitive

Veronique Cormier is a -57 kg powerlifter from New Brunswick, Canada and the owner of Leafy Gains, a vegan protein cookie business she started during the pandemic. In this episode, Veronique shares her struggle with binge-eating disorder and helps us understand that it's not just eating a lot of food in one sitting. She talks us through her relapse after Nationals 2019, where she reached her rock bottom, and describes exactly how she recovered and the positive impacts powerlifting had throughout the entire process. Veronique shows us that it's possible to pursue powerlifting competitively without sacrificing recovery. Struggling with BED made her lose trust in herself, but powerlifting rebuilt it and continues to make it stronger.

- Relapsing after Nationals 2019
- Liver cleanse for candida treatment
- Cheerleading in high school
- Being the "health freak" in her group of friends in high school
- Familial influences
- What a binge-eating disorder episode feels like
- Binge-eating disorder recovery
- Starting powerlifting at peak of binge-eating disorder
- Anxiety around Nationals 2019 from lack of coach
- Post-meet blues spiral into almost developing bulimia
- Going up a weight class and qualifying for IPF Pan-Americans
- Going vegan
- Starting Leafy Gains protein cookie business
- Addressing meet day performance anxiety
-IPF Worlds in Sweden experience (2021, not 2022!)
-A successful Nationals 2022!
- Closing questions

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Mentions in Episode (not sponsored):
Veronique’s current coach: Mitchell Hooper (@mitchellhooper on IG)
Note: at 29 minutes, Veronique is referring to her first ever coach, NOT Mitchell Hooper! 
The Strength Factory gym (@the.strength.factory on IG)
Veronique’s all-in introduction: Stephanie Buttermore All-in playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfSsah8UsndTTurTjXGRY3klE0KGRl3hn (Watch her YT videos! They helped me too!)

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