E2: Powerlifting For Anxiety & ADHD - Men Need To Start Speaking Up

Jamie MacDonald is a -93 kg open powerlifter from Nova Scotia, Canada. You may know him as the announcer at local NS meets, the social media officer for Nova Scotia Powerlifting, or as the guy who always competes in a pink and black outfit. In this episode, Jamie shares with us his experience with depression, anxiety and the catalytic mental health crisis that eventually led to an ADHD diagnosis and starting therapy at 32 years old. We discuss the mental health benefits of powerlifting from the ADHD and anxiety perspectives and touch on the topic of toxic masculinity in the lifting sphere. If you’re looking to get started or have recently started in the sport, I highly recommend you listen to this episode. Jamie offers different perspectives on powerlifting that most powerlifters don’t talk about.


  •  Why do you wear pink?
  •  Emergency room visit for mental health crisis
  •  Fight or flight response & lifting
  •  Struggling with depression and anxiety at the same time
  •  Support from work, friends and family
  •  Becoming more open about talking about mental health
  • Difficulty finding a therapist through the NS mental health system - don’t give up!
  •  Finally receiving an ADHD diagnosis at 32 years old
  •  ADHD symptoms in hindsight - symptoms that were missed
  •  Transitioning to powerlifting from martial arts/combat sports
  •  How powerlifting helps with ADHD and anxiety
  •  Therapeutic effects of competing - CBT, catastrophizing, ADHD brain chemistry
  • Competing is fun!
  • Growing powerlifting as a sport - advice for getting started you need to hear
  • Toxic masculinity and powerlifting
  • Final messages for you from Jamie
  • Closing questions


Jamie MacDonald:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/gorillamac/

Nova Scotia Powerlifting:
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Visit: https://sites.google.com/view/novascotiapowerlifting/

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