E3: Re-Building A Sense of Self-Worth After Trauma And Domestic Abuse

Natasha Ching is a 84+ kg open powerlifter from Nova Scotia, Canada. Local lifters would know her as the former NSPL president while others may know her as a national level CPU referee. In this episode, Natasha opens up about her experience with being identified as a high anxiety gifted child at 8 years old, her trauma stemming from the passing of two of her mother figures at nine years old, and her experience of being in an emotionally and financially abusive relationship in her 20s. Then we go in depth about Natasha re-built her sense of self and self-worth through lifting weights after a lifetime of having it depend on either being gifted or being with a toxic partner. We also talk about how she developed and fixed her unhealthy relationship with powerlifting. As a long-time veteran in the sport, Natasha gives advice on how to achieve longevity in powerlifting and how to get started if you’re new to it.


  • How being president of the NSPL during the pandemic affected Natasha’s mental health
  • Sky rocketing anxiety during the pandemic
  • Being identified as a high anxiety gifted child
  • Developing anxiety around pressure to be exceptional at everything
  • Trauma of passings of mother and aunt
  • Developing dissociative disorder
  • Wanting to start fresh at university
  • Emotionally and financially abusive relationship
  • Realised she had to leave when she started exhibiting physical symptoms
  • Message from Natasha to anyone who is wanting to get out of an abusive relationship
  • Drawn to lifting weights after leaving abusive relationship
  • Over-reliance on powerlifting
  • Powerlifting is not therapy!
  • Self-worth is not dependent on your performance
  • Three types of self-confidence
  • Strong vs weak competitive drive - everyone needs to hear this
  • The biggest thing Natasha learned through powerlifting: how to “enact calm”
  • Number one advice if you want to start powerlifting
  • Achieving longevity in powerlifting - check your ego and recovering from injuries
  • Closing questions


Natasha Ching:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/natty_ching/

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