Taper Take Me Away

Taper Take Me Away

The last few weeks going into a powerlifting meet are always tough. The fatigue from the volume work is high and counterintuitively, coach programs high intensity work. Especially when you're a newer powerlifter, the concept of peaking might be new. Why add on a bunch of difficult sets when you're already feeling like you're going to fall apart?

That's how I felt back when I started powerlifting. And it was also around the same time I started hearing the phrase "Taper take me away," which basically means something like:

"I hope this programming works and I'll feel strong on meet day"

Tapering is what happens when you peak for a meet, often referred to as "peak week" because it all happens in a short period of time. Your training structure changes to keep your fitness level up (so you don't detrain) and to shed the fatigue. You literally taper off the amount of work you do to give your body a chance to catch up on rest and recovery... although it might not feel like you're recovering based on the heavy singles or doubles (or whatever your coach programs for you).

I remember I had a rough time in the days leading up to my third meet. I was still in university, it was around midterm season and I was also trying out a water cut to see how that feels and how it works with my body. About a week out, the fatigue was at an all time high, my training was feeling rough and my entire body ached, no matter how much ibuprofen I took (of course, never exceeding the maximum daily dosage!). Not to mention, the stress of midterms and having to drink a bunch of water was tough too. I was losing faith in my program and thought that meet day was gonna be shitty because I would still be so tired - how is it possible to bounce back in only 3 days?

"Taper take me away."

I understood what it meant... it has the same energy as "Jesus take the wheel."

The design of this shirt very much has dumpster fire vibes - that's how peak week/tapering feels! You're feeling beat up, as though you're about to fall apart and crash and you're hoping that your program (the wings) will save you.

Now you know the story behind Taper Take Me Away! Thanks for reading!



Bonus: Pre-graphic designer sketches
I wanted to add "coming in hot and tired" to the design but couldn't find a way to make it look good. 😢

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