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About No Restrictions

Our mission is to make mental health an equal priority to physical health in powerlifting.

To us, powerlifting isn't just about the big three lifts or the programming and the technique. It's also about working on our mental health.

Each person's powerlifting journey comes with a mental health story. Whether it be a story about recovering from a mental illness, managing symptoms, or anything in between, the structure and dedication powerlifting requires was the push we needed to build ourselves back up. Powerlifting taught us that we underestimate our strengths all too often and that betterment is possible through hard work - no matter how slow the progress is.

Unlike physical health, mental health is invisible. In most cases, it's impossible to tell by looking at someone when they're going through a rough time. People recommend talking to someone you trust to help ease the burden, but what if you don't have anyone? No Restrictions was started to help you feel less alone and to raise awareness of mental health in the fitness industry, but more specifically, in powerlifting. Listen to No Restrictions Podcast, where we talk with athletes whose mental health were improved through powerlifting. We hope that by listening to other people's stories about their struggles and how they pulled themselves out of their rock bottoms, it will inspire you to push yourself to improve your own mental health. 

Most fitness-related brands have a mission rooted in physical health or some form of becoming your best self. Ours, as you now know, digs deeper into what makes the athlete who they are today.

Set no restrictions on who you can be. 

About Our Apparel

We make mental health apparel you actually want to wear. What do we mean by that? There's nothing wrong with liking a shirt with "mental health matters" written across the front. But let's take a step back and think: what kind of people do those apparel brands target? Probably not the majority of us powerlifters (or other strength sport athletes). I guess you could say that we're a bit more rough around the edges, so hand-drawn doodles in pastel colors just aren't very appealing to us. So for people like you and me who do care about mental health but aren't drawn to the this kind of apparel, that's were No Restrictions steps in! We make apparel with designs that look badass and have a mental health meaning behind them!

But why are the designs not obviously about mental health? Why keep the mental health on the down low if you're a mental health brand? The reason why we make apparel with non-obvious (or maybe even impossible-to-tell) mental health designs is to provide you with at least a bit of an emotional outlet... to give you that feeling you get when you stand up for your beliefs and core values in a place that may not be completely receptive to it. (Boo stigma! 😢)

We care about making YOU feel good, greater society... they're taking their sweet damn time so... pass!

Let's Get In Touch!

Contact us at norestrictionsapp.info@gmail.com or send us a DM on our Instagrams @norestrictionsapparel and @norestrictionspod