What It's Like Being An Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in being a No Restrictions ambassador!

We are seeking ambassadors who:

  • Believe in what we do and like our products
  • Have personal brands that align with ours (see below)
  • Are comfortable with sharing their mental experiences with their audience, even the difficult ones (to an extent)
  • Present themselves as a friendly and approachable person
  • Understand that powerlifting is something they do and not who they are (aka they are established in the sport)

Our Branding:

There are mental health brands out there already. However, what sets us apart is in our approach to destigmatize mental health. Our focus is on being a friendly entity for someone who feels alone. We focus on the humanity and less on the science/medicine. In other words, we let the other mental health brands take the lead in sharing information and resources related to mental health. We just want our audience to feel less alone. We believe this is especially needed in the powerlifting industry because much of what is shared online has to do with the physical aspects of the sport. The following bullet points describe our branding.

  • Friendly and approachable
    • Be a friend to someone who feels alone
  • Comfortable about being open about our mental health experiences
    • To normalize talking about mental health and to destigmatize
  • Create an uplifting online community
    • Help people feel less alone about what they experience
  • Provide educational content related to mental health
    • Help further destigmatize mental health, but this is not a priority for the reason described above
  • Encourage powerlifters to practice self-care
    • Help people realise and understand that they’re a human first and powerlifter second

What You Can Expect As An Ambassador:

  • A personal discount code for No Restrictions Apparel online shop
  • Create content that aligns with the NR branding and our goals
  • Promote your affiliate code (you earn 10% commission for every sale you help make happen)
  • Help with launches through posting teasers, preparing your own launch materials (photos, videos, captions), posting launch materials (after approval), continuing to promote the launched products after launch day
  • Get special access for a close-up look at what it’s like running a small business
  • Help develop new products
  • Continue to promote NR between launches through showing up on social media with our products and promoting your affiliate code
  • Make an effort to talk about your mental health online and be a friendly face for someone who may need it