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Need A Deload From Life Tee | Ready-to-Ship

Need A Deload From Life Tee | Ready-to-Ship

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Just like how your coach programs a deload at the end of a challenging training block, it'd be nice if life could ease off the gas sometimes... a deload from life if you will.

 Life is hard. We understand what it's like to survive, not knowing what the future could look like - or if there would be a future. Most of the time, it's not that we want to leave life but more so that we want the situation we're in to leave us. You might find yourself wishing that some miraculous event befalls you where you're forced to take a break from your daily life. This is what the core of the shirt means. We're happy you're here with us!

This shirt aims to bring a bit of humor to the darker side of mental health. We don't want to be a brand that only focuses on being positive and optimistic. Firstly, that wouldn't be an accurate representation of what mental health is, and second, that's just not us! From day one, No Restrictions has been unafraid of facing the ugly side of mental health head on and we want to extend our view of mental health into our apparel, beyond the topics we discuss on our podcast.

Read The Story Behind: Need A Deload From Life

Suicide Hotlines:
Canada: 1-833-456-4566
USA: 988

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  • 65% polyester, 35% ringspun soft cotton jersey
  • Preshrunk
  • Fits true to size
  • Gender-inclusive fit
  • Hand drawn design by a small, independent artist
  • Screen printed locally in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

How's It Made?

All of the tees and sweaters stocked at No Restrictions HQ are screen printed in a factory based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (supporting the local economy, yay!). Bonus points on eco-friendliness because once they're fresh off the press, we go in person to pick up the apparel!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wanda Leese
Love this tee!

The design is awesome and the softness, like my other @norestrictions tees, is SO soft!! Begging for tank tops now!! 😉

Myriam Coulombe
So comfy!

So comfortable and love the original design of them!! hard to pick a favorite one

Emma Hicks
The best

Super soft and comfortable.. not to mention the design 🔥🔥🔥

Kayla C
This shirt brought me joy.

This shirt honestly came at the right time for me. I get post meet blues, like most people, was working TOO MUCH, and have a lot going on. Motivation was slacking. But a package arrived at my door. This was the first of my four NR tees I put on, and fell in love.

Karine St-Coeur
10/10 design and

I bought this shirt one week ago. The design is hilarious yet meaningful at the same time (and who doesn’t love dinosaurs?!) This is now my favorite graphic tee!