E4: Healing Lifelong PTSD & Reclaiming Life Through Powerlifting

Lanie Bishop is an 84+ kg open powerlifter from Alberta, Canada. You may also know her as a national level CPU referee, pole dancer and Twitch streamer. Lanie is vocal about her mental health on social media, but in this episode, she goes even deeper and tells us the untold story of her PTSD and an abusive relationship that came to a head at IPF Worlds in 2018. Growing up in conservative, rural Alberta as a mixed-race and LGBTQ+ person, Lanie endured many challenges including two cases of sexual assault that sparked an 18-year long war in her mind until she finally sought the help she needed. We discuss what PTSD is really like and just how destructive it is on one’s livelihood if left untreated. 2018 was the year Lanie calls “traumafest” and you will come to fully understand why when you listen to her story. For Lanie, powerlifting helped her reclaim her life through the immensely positive mental health benefits and the incredibly supportive powerlifting community during and after the events of “traumafest.”


  • Growing up in conservative, rural Alberta
  • Challenges from growing up - racism, othering, discrimination
  • Sexual assaults at four years old
  • What is PTSD?
  • What is it like having PTSD?
  • How destructive PTSD can be left untreated
  • Fear of getting a diagnosis
  • Coping with untreated PTSD
  • Treatment approach for PTSD
  • Abusive relationship during PTSD treatment resulting in third case of PTSD
  • Using powerlifting as an escape
  • How powerlifting helps with PTSD symptoms
  • Toxic mentality around powerlifting imposed by abusive ex
  • “Traumafest” in 2018: abuse ramping up and coming to a head during and at CPU Nationals and IPF Worlds in Alberta and continued abuse after IPF Worlds
  • Incredibly supportive powerlifting community helping Lanie get back on her feet
  • Lanie worried she wouldn’t be able to come back to powerlifting
  • Overcoming “traumafest” through powerlifting and community support
  • Closing questions

Lanie Bishop:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/mintowls/

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