Why do some products have a "ready-to-ship" label?

"Ready-to-ship" means that these items are stocked in-house. They are also eligible for pickup - just contact us! See Can I pick up my order if I'm local? in the shipping FAQ section.

What does "made-to-order" mean?

It means that the product is put into fabrication once you place your order. This is a more sustainable approach to fashion since only what is needed is produced. Made-to-order items are shipped from our supplier directly to you. Items will be shipped between 2-5 business days but delivery times will vary widely, typically between 1-2 weeks. Please see our shipping policy.

Who creates your designs?

The idea behind each design is ours, but since we're pretty terrible at drawing and graphic design, we hire small, independent graphic artists to help us bring our ideas to life. The more we grow, the more artists we can hire for future releases. So each time you support No Restrictions, you're not only helping our dreams come true, but you're also supporting other small businesses! :)

P.S. To see some of our drawing skillz, head over to The Story Behind The Design blog to see our sketches.

How do I best care for my apparel?

Also, don't use the vinegar trick for natural fabric softener/odor remover! We tried it and it ruined our apparel! :'(



Please see our shipping policy for full details regarding shipping.

Can I pick up my order if I'm local?

It depends. Some of our products are made-to-order and some are stocked in-house. If your order contains items that are made-to-order, our partner supplier will fulfill that portion of your order and ship it to you. If your order contains items that are stocked in-house, we can arrange pick up! Email us at: norestrictionsapp.info@gmail.com and make sure to include your order number in the subject line! Shipping fees for this portion of your order will be refunded after pick up. Shipping fees to be refunded will be calculated based on the Canada Post shipping fee calculated at the time of pick up.

Why is my order so dang expensive to ship?

If you have a combination of made-to-order and ready-to-ship products in your cart, shipping is calculated as the sum of the cost to ship the made-to-order item(s) and the cost to ship the ready-to-ship product(s). Products in these two categories are packaged and shipped from different locations. Unfortunately, at this stage in our business journey, we are unable to waive the shipping cost for one of the orders to offer you more affordable shipping.