What You Need To Know To Be On No Restrictions Podcast

The Podcast is founded on three pillars - three core themes that define what No Restrictions Podcast is about:

  1. Story-Telling of People’s Powerlifting and Mental Health Journeys
    1. To help listeners feel less alone
    2. To share a wide range of experiences (e.g. mental illnesses, traumas, LGBTQ+-related issues, etc.)
    3. To provide listeners with advice for recovery/improvement
  2. Encouraging Listeners To Start Powerlifting
    1. Benefits of powerlifting over normal gym powerlifting/other sports
    2. Benefits of powerlifting over cardio or other sports
    3. How powerlifting can help someone who is struggling with their mental health
  3. Raising Awareness of People’s Mental Health
    1. Special focus on people who tend to speak up less often
      1. Men, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, disabled, other minority groups, etc.

Desirable characteristics of a guest:

  • You have profoundly improved their mental health with the help of powerlifting
  • You are comfortable with going into depth on your mental health experiences with the intention of reaching and helping others
  • You are introspective and understand yourself (for the most part)
  • You have advice on how powerlifting has specifically helped your mental health

We use a Google Form to screen potential guests. The purpose of the screening is for us to begin getting to know your unique story. We work on our podcast episode by episode and have a high volume of applications. As a result, it may take many months for us to get back to you. Additionally, we unfortunately cannot feature every athlete who applies on the podcast. Thank you for understanding!

Breaking mental health stigma is a form of suicide prevention. We believe it is important to raise the voices of men and people in minority groups (racial, LGBTQ+, disabled, etc.) and encourage powerlifting athletes who identify with the above to apply to be a guest.