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They Don't Ride Up! Lifting Shorts│Ready-to-Ship

They Don't Ride Up! Lifting Shorts│Ready-to-Ship

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A pair of lifting shorts this special deserves a creative name!

Don't you hate it when workout shorts ride up or roll up while squatting or even just sitting? It's uncomfortable, annoying, and not a good look. We designed a pair of high-quality shorts that are super soft, flatters the waistline, and that don't ride up! We added a thin ribbon of silicone* for a non-slip fit around the legs.



Your body does not need to look a certain way to wear something. As a woman-owned company, we relate to not wanting to wear a piece of clothing because we feel as though we're "not ready". 

I'll wear this when I'm smaller.
I don't have the curves to pull this off.
I can't wear this, my cellulite and stretch marks will show.
When I have a flat belly, I'll wear this.
My legs aren't nice enough to wear this.

We'll say it again. Your body does not need to look a certain way to wear something! Embrace the body you're blessed to have. Instead of obsessing the parts of yourself you perceive as flaws, we want you to wear these shorts and feel empowered to use your body for what it was meant to do: move!

Wear the damn shorts!

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  • Thin ribbon of silicone around the leg opening for a guaranteed non-slip, no-ride fit
  • Super soft and stretchy high-quality fabric
  • 4" inseam (almost like biker shorts, but a bit shorter)
  • 100% squat-proof 
  • Above the belly button high rise
  • Flat 4" wide waistband
  • V-shaped contour back seam
  • Stretchy snake and brand name print

*Please note that the silicone stretches, but is not as stretchy as the fabric of the shorts. With wear, the silicone may break at places. But this makes it more comfortable around the legs!

Wash in cold water, ok to put in dryer but air drying is recommended to best preserve the silicone.

How's It Made?

This was our first time working with an overseas manufacturer to custom design and make these shorts. Our factory was chosen for their standards and technological superiority. They do not condone child or forced labor.

Throughout the process of creating these shorts, we had the ability to closely monitor how they were made, including selecting the fabric, making adjustments to the length of the pant, adding the subtle V-contour in the back, and of course, the silicone band that gives these shorts their name! If we couldn't (painstakingly) keep a finger on the entire manufacturing process, we wouldn't have done it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Cassidy M.

these shorts definitely surpassed my expectations. They are extremely comfortable, they DON’T ride up at all whatsoever & they are really flattering! 10/10 recommend!

Robyn Lattie
You want these shorts - Promise.

I bought my pair in September 2022, and they quickly became my exclusive squat shorts. These do not budge! The material and wide waist band are comfortable and flattering. The silicon band on the thighs doesn't dig in but also glues the shorts in place. Absolutely love these shorts; I cannot recommend them enough!

Natasha Morrison
You need these!

Everything you need in a pair of gym shorts. Soft, stylish, and squat proof. Too many squat sessions to count in these shorts and they haven't budged on me once. I can't recommend these enough!

Ashley Makedonsky
Works as shorts should

Fit like a dream and felt like butter. The silicone doesn’t dig in and you forget that’s how these stay in place. They stay high waisted so your booty crack stays covered as well. Thank goodness for enough material and stretch for coverage. They get it.

sheri millington
So much more than shorts!

Here is so much more to these shorts! They are so soft and comfortable to wear. They stay put, even in heavy squats. The waistline is a comfortable fit and the material allows for extra stretch in the thighs and booty without being see through!

Most importantly is the message of these shorts. I've never been comfortable wearing shorts in public, I am always self conscious of the lumps and bumps and jiggly bits! When these shorts come with a message of loving yourself and all your beauty how can you not wear them proud!